Welcome to KANJOU (emotion), my small and always growing fanlisting and site collective. Here is where I keep the links to the many many fanlistings I have so proudly and happily JOINED, plus the ones I am so honored to have BUILT AND MANTAINED so far. Most of my sites and fanlistings are ANIME & MANGA oriented, since I'm a big fan. ^^

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Layout Marathon

J o i n e d   F a n l i s t i n g s:  1012
O w n e d   F a n l i s t i n g s:  28
S i t e s   l i s t e d:  32 (28 fanlistings, 4 sites)
N e w e s t   F L:  Code Geass: Lelouch Lamperouge & Rolo Lamperouge
O w n e d   b y:   Wendy

What's New


Gah! I tried to install fan update but I got an error, same with the enth upgrade. I'll add the new affies and join any fls until I do so cause I'm thinking of moving my collective to its own subdomain. Hopefully things will be more organized this way. But I will be doing this during this month and the next cause I want to dedicate october to watching anime XD. I also need to add our newest family members, which are several too lol.